Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Scottish Identity

The four brooches that I have made are inspired by the idea of Scottish Identity, so, for this project I decided to look into my Scottish identity. All four brooches can be worn separately as each of them hold a story of their own but altogether they show little pieces of my family. I really liked the idea of buttons to represent my family identity as I like the idea that buttons hold things together, much like a family there is that strong connection that keeps us all together.
The first brooch is silver riveted to acrylic with a piece of lace trapped between them. This symbolizes a dress that my nana made for me when I was younger that had a lace collar.
The second brooch is a photograph of my great grandmother with her friends photo etched onto silver.
The third brooch is a little cupcake stitched onto felt, also with acrylic on top and I used thread to hold it together that represents the love of baking that I share with my papa.
Finally, the fourth brooch is a small piece of silver with a Scottish landscape photo etched onto it. As the majority of my family come from Glasgow I recently discovered that my great grandmother came from Barra and that is what this piece is representing.

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  1. Thank came out really nicely and I think that the symbolism of family is something you can really expand on.

    Have a great summer Lauren!

    Em x