Monday, 24 August 2009

The Lucky Butterfly

I have been trying to do my dissertation for ages now and it has not been going well! So, last week I decided to do something about it. I was asked to housesit for my aunt and uncle while they were on holiday and I thought Yes! finally peace and quiet out in the country, no distractions i'll get loads done. Well i got some done, not as much as I hoped though.

On one of my many breaks I went for a little walk round the field that is there garden it's huge!!! there were loads of butterflies and I love butterflies they are so pretty. I found a lovely white butterfly on the lavender and as it was the only nice sunny day of the entire week I took a photograph.

So, now I am back home trying to do my dissertation surrounded by the 2 loudest dogs ever, I am able to think of that lovely day and how I got the most work done thanks to the lucky butterfly!!that is what i've called it and I hope it brings luck to other people who are sturggling with their dissertation too (please let there be more of you I don't want to be the only one not finished!!)


  1. hey lauren, don't worry you're not the only one. I'm hoping for a lucky butterfly! I am surrounded by the loudest babies ever!good luck with the dissertation. see you soon xxx

  2. Oh babies!well i have found earplugs to come in very useful. Not long till we go back now see ya xx :)

  3. Dont worry your pretty little head Lauren...I'm struggling with it too. But we will all get there in the end. Maybe invest is some ear plugs lol. See u soon xxxx

  4. sorry to hear you are stressing! I stressed like a maniac and must have re-wrote my dissertation sbout 12 times finally settling on what I wanted to write about properly in november (!) and wrote the whole thing in the first week of december finishing at 2am on the 8th of December!! you will get there I promise! Zoe xx