Sunday, 28 February 2010

Some work so far...

So, at the moment it is all degree show work that i've been'll all have to wait until the degree show to see my final pieces but this will give you a little idea of what i'm doing. I've put up a few images of some drawings, silhouettes with some stitched detail. I picked out the main focus of the photograph and for me that was the ruffled collar and buttons of a cardigan and the pattern on the girls jumper and the girls hair. I began to leave the stitching quite loose, I want my pieces to have some texture in them so there is something else to touch and by leaving it quite loose also something else to play with.
With my first piece I felt that it needed to have something different than just a needed a bit extra and so, I took it through a few stages of distortion and stitched in the main detail of the image.

The Final Design

The image is of a man taking a photograph...the stitched detail is the camera and the gold-plated silver is the hand. It is not immediately obvious what the image is so please feel free to let me know what you think it is when you first see it.

After finishing this piece I wasn't completely happy with the end result and I felt that the piece had become too abstract, but now having finally figured out what was missing I have come up with my degree show pieces...I'll be sure to keep you posted!!


  1. Hi. It's interesting to see your process. Good luck with the next project.

  2. very cool and very interesting like the above comment said! lovely blog!