Sunday, 6 June 2010

Degree Show 2010

My collection for the Degree Show was made up of six brooches...I have always loved making brooches and throughout my 3 years of studying jewellery I found that for most projects I only ever saw my ideas and designs as brooches so it felt right that my degree project be brooches.  So, a little about the work I produced....well each brooch represents different individuals all of which are complete strangers to me but all had certain details that when I saw them (whether in a coffee shop or simply walking past me in the street) they stuck with me...Do you ever just get that sometimes when you see something or someone there is always something that catches your eye?well to that person wearing a floral skirt or a pearl necklace or drinking a cup of coffee is just what they do, all these little things make up their everyday lives but I see it as inspiration...simple details that can be turned into a piece of jewellery.

Leopard print cardigan, a cup of tea and chain.

I put this piece in for the catwalk held on the industry night...which was fantastic!  The model did a very good job of working this piece and I just loved how the chain fringing swished about when she walked. 

Squares, a cupcake and chain

This piece was inspired by someone wearing a geometric patterned scarf, a gold bracelet and eating a cupcake!  I added a little garnet to represent the cherry on top of the cake.

More pieces to follow!! 


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