Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Degree Show 2010

Two more brooches from my collection...Oh my collection is called Fleeting Encounters simply because these brooches symbolise a look into an everyday life that is full of moments that simply pass us by.

Sheet music and curly hair.

This brooch has the sheet music to Across the Universe by The Beatles, it is such an amazing tune and I love the lyrics!  The sheet music is photo-etched onto sterling silver and I stitched black thread down the side to represent a man that walked past me with the biggest curliest hair I had ever seen...who also reminded me of a younger version of my dad (I saw a photo of him in his twenties...very curly hair!) Across the Universe was the song I was listening to at the time.

Polka dots, a teddy bear and ribbon.

The polka dots are round the frame of the brooch, this is one of my favourite pieces because it is just very sweet!  It represents a girl in a polka dot dress carrying a teddy bear with a blue ribbon and I added a little freshwater pearl.

Two more brooches still to come!


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