Monday, 16 January 2012

Resolutions: Yay or Nay??

I've never really been a fan of making new years resolutions, I preferred to make plans instead of how I wanted  my year to go.  This year my plans are something like this...

  • Get my jewels into a nice gallery (or a few...)
  • Be a fabulous designer & blogger which means having amazing dinner parties, talk about design and fashion, visit more galleries and exhibitions and in general talk about all things lovely!
  • Build up my collection of decorative plates for my plate wall....that's right I want a plate wall.
  • Go in a hot air balloon! How cool would that be???
  • Put my sewing machine to work, I really want to make a dress but think it best to start off small with a cushion or something. 

Exciting times!! So, my once jewellery focused blog is now going to be a lifestyle based blog.  The other day whilst having lunch with  Holly  ( fellow jeweller and friend ) we were talking about how we want our blogs to not only be about the lovely shiny, sparkly jewels but to show more of the life of a jewellery designer.  I am looking forward to a fresh start for my blog!


  1. yay! blog is looking good :) your plans sound great, you'll achieve them in no time! xxx

  2. Sweet! oh well got the sewing machine out earlier but still need to work on my skills!!xx