Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Little Workspace

This is where I work.  It was not this tidy before I took the photograph but it has all my little bits and bobs that I need to make my jewels.  It's pretty basic I mean im using an old computer table as my work bench but I can't really afford a proper jewellers bench yet (one day it's my aim!!) I like my space it's a good space and it's my own area where I can get lost in my work whether i'm making something, doing some sketchbook or working online.  I found that before I had my workspace I would just be sitting in the living room to do work and that provides alot of distractions and didn't give me a separate area for living and working.

Now I know you must be wondering who this handsome owl is right?  Well this is Henry (yes I named him that)  Ok, so the story behind Henry goes like this...I was at my friend Laura's house and on my way out I noticed this little owl on the bottom of a table beside her door in her hallway and I said " Oh Wow, that is a brilliant owl!" and everyone looked at me in astonishment as if I was crazy.  It turned out that he belonged to her great grandmother and was passed down to her daughter who then gave it to Joyce (Laura's mum) but nobody except her great grandmother loved him and then I came along.  I think they all thought I was joking when I said that I loved him because besides from Hedwig from Harry Potter I was never really a fan of owls.  And so, one day last year they gave me Henry! I was so happy (I may have cried a little) by far one of the best presents I have ever been given.  He's like my little mascot when I'm working and reminds me of my lovely friends back home.

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