Friday, 20 April 2012

A Little Catch-Up

It's been a month since I last posted something (oops!) Anyway, I have just been working and visiting family so I feel a little catch-up of the past month is in order.  The photo above is one of the cupcakes I made for my lovely big sister's birthday, chocolate and strawberry with glitter! My new favourite shop is a cake shop with lots of different coloured edible glitters and icing and just loads of cool stuff so needless to say I will be returning.  So, she loved the cakes and we spent the day together looking after the kids, always nice to see my beautiful niece and with my sister ready to pop with niece number 2 I like being around to help out as much as possible with Sophie.

With work I've been fixing a couple of pieces but unfortunately hit a brick wall and got frustrated with it all and put it aside for a little while but it's all done now just have to take it back to the DCA.  I think I just got a bit fed up with staring at the same piece for ages and feeling like I was getting nowhere with it and also working day in day out from my room was getting a bit mundane and lonesome.  As I know some of my friends also work alone they know how it feels to not have anyone beside you to encourage and motivate you...more tea gets drunk on days like those!  However, back on track and very excited about a new collection, I've been focusing more on new designs and I can't wait to get making some new pieces but more info on that later and maybe a little sneaky peak into my sketchbook.

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  1. sneaky peek please! hopefully we won't be lonely much longer :D Xx