Monday, 25 June 2012

Current Work

Recently I started working on some new ideas, still on my triangular theme (I really like geometric shapes and it looks cool) and so I made some new pieces in square wire instead of the round I used before and it was so much better!

It had such a better feel and gave better shape and form so here's a few images of some pieces (taken at the workbench and I must confess taking good images of my work has not been working so well lately, I don't know whether it is the light, my lack of a really good camera, my current one is ok but not great or whether it's just me but the images aren't great so please excuse the poor quality).  I'm adding these to the collection I have with the DCA and hopefully just keep building this up and continuing with this design for the next little while.  Also, exciting times I'm starting a new job next week in a jewellery workshop and I can't wait! I had a couple of interviews with them over the past few weeks and got a little trial in their workshop and it was great.  I'll keep working on my own work in my spare time as I'm also sharing a studio with my lovely friend Holly.  This weekend Ill be going home to see my family and my little nieces so there may some new photos up soon!!


  1. Congrats on the new job! That wouldn't happen to be G&A Jewellers in Bell Street would it? X

  2. Thanks! it is indeed...they do things alot differently to way I was taught in uni!haha